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A higher level of security for your customers 

We present our integrated system for public pools.

More than a drowning prevention system: an infrastructure. 

Drowning prevention system: sensors installed in the pool actively monitor swimmers wearing the WU2 bracelet. Drowning is detected by the wristband, which constantly measures depth and swimming time, should a swimmer remain underwater for too long the system will trigger the alarm.

Access control system: The WU2 wristband is equipped with an RFID chip with which you can access the structure via a turnstile. Once the ticket is sold the wristband will be delivered to the customer, the RFID code will be associated to the person during the purchase phase, authorizing access. At the end of the day the customer will deposit the bracelet in the exit turnstile.

Locker key: Always using the WU2 bracelet, associated with the person, the customer can unlock his locker in the locker room, thus offering security for personal items without a key.

Payment system: customers will be able to pay directly with the WU2 bracelet, associated with the person, in the bars/restaurants located inside the structure. It can be configured as prepaid, recharging the amount upon entry, or as a credit that will be charged at the end of the day.



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With an amazing design and a weight of just 35 grams, the WU2 guarantees maximum safety on the water for your customers, as well as several functions.

The bracelet measures the depth and the swimming time, detecting if the person stays underwater too long: in this case it is clear that the swimmer is in difficulty and will emit an ultrasound signal that will be picked up by the sensors installed in the pool, triggering the alarm.

The alarm criteria can be set according to the user’s description.


The WU2 turns on automatically as soon as the person enters the water and constantly measures your swimming.

In case of drowning, the WU2 detects, thanks to the very precise pressure sensor, that the swimmer knows how to go down to the bottom, triggering the count to trigger the alarm, fully automatically.


Once the alarm is confirmed, the WU2 emits an ultrasonic signal which is immediately picked up by the sensors installed inside the pool, triggering the alarm. A strong white light is emitted from the bracelet, so that the person underwater can be easily located.

How to configure it

The WU2 recognizes a possible drowning by measuring depth and swimming time, once a certain time is exceeded below a certain depth the alarm is triggered.

The depth and time can be set by the staff by connecting the WU2 to the PC with the USB cable using the appropriate software.

The WU2 are available in 4 different colours so that one colour can be associated to each age group.

Let’s look at a particoular example:

With a WU2 configured with alarm criteria:
50 Centimeters / 15 Seconds

  • The swimmer dives into the water above 50 cm depth and then climbs up above this threshold within 12 seconds: NO ALARM.
  • Then he swim in a depth between the surface and 50 cm for 24 seconds: NO ALARM. 
  • Finally he goes down below 50 cm without going up again, exceeding 15 seconds: ALARM.

The Anti-Drowning System

Personalizzabile e cucito su misura in base alle vostre esigenze.

The anti-drowning system is highly versatile: you can monitor several swimming pools at the same time, the alarm can be transferred to several points in your facility with beacons and sirens: in the lifeguards’ office, or directly on their transceivers.
Finally, the system is equipped with a digital relay output where you can install any device you want to intervene in case of alarm.


Take a closer look at the heart of the drowning system.

An ultra-compact all-in-one motherboard mounted inside an IP65 watertight enclosure, offering a range of up to ten sensors and eight customisable digital outputs.

The board can be expanded to increase system capacity on large installations.

Alarm Box

Our Alarm Box emits a sound of more than 100 dB in case of an alarm and a strong orange light.

It is also equipped with the system check functionality, which is a continuous and automatic check of the integrity of the system.

In case of malfunction caused by any factor (lost connection with the sensor, damaged sensor, etc.) the Alarm Box signals the failure with a particular flashing sequence, in order to draw the attention of the system supervisors.

Finally, by accessing the electrical panel, it is possible to locate the fault through the LEDs on the MSCU, which will signal in which pool you need to intervene



As explained in the previous illustrations, the system needs one or more sensors installed in the various swimming pools to work.

They are designed watertight to stay underwater for life* and consist of an ultrasonic transducer to actively monitor swimmers wearing the WU2 wristband.

They are installed** in the pool by means of special supports engineered by us that vary according to the type of pool.

*means the useful life of the same;
**the installation requires the support of a technician;


Red bronze support
For swimming pools in concrete and tiles.


Plastic support
For prefabricated pools.


Red bronze support
With flange for liner pools.


Plastic support for surface bonding with cable duct


Stainless steel support
With stainless steel swimming pool flange.


Stainless steel support
Retrofit: for concrete pools and tiles


Charging bar for the WU2 bracelet

Designed for the most demanding: with this elegant aluminium charging bar designed by us, you can charge up to 10 WU2 bracelets simultaneously.

Equipped with a powerful 3A power supply, it charges up to 10 WU2 in just two hours. You can attach it to the wall or lay it on a table.


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