Why is it so important to have an early alert if someone is in distress while in the water?

Drowning is defined as respiratory impairment from being in or under a liquid. It is further classified by outcome int: death, ongoing health problems and no ongoing health problems. It occurs more frequently in males an the young. 

Drowning itself is quick and silent, although it may be preceded by stress which is more visible. A person drowning is unable to shout or call for help, or seek attention, as they cannot obtain enough air. The instinctive drowning response is the final set of autonomic reactions in the 20-60 seconds before sinking under water, and to the untrained eye can look similar to calm safe behavior. Lifeguards and other person trained in rescue learn to recognize drowning people by watching for these movements.

Young children drown silently. When caught under the water's surface, they do not resort to panic and consequently do not attract attention. Many parents and supervisors are not aware of this fact.

(Source SLRG - Drowning is quick and silent)

Can you dpot the kid drowning in this public pool before the lifeguard does?



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