Does BlueFox ST1 replace lifeguards or other supervisors?
No, BlueFox can not replace lifeguards or any other supervisors. BlueFox is a product which supports lifeguards and other people in and around the pool. BlueFox alerts, it is not made to bring someone to the watersurface. 


Good swimming skills in combination with BlueFox will give you a good layer of safety. Please respect the rules in the various swimming pool facilities and waters.


Who is BlueFox designed for?
In principle BlueFox can be used from everybody starting from toddlers to elderly people. It’s useful for swimmers and non-swimmers who are in the water, but also around the water. All of them can  wear Blue Fox.


In which waters or pools can BlueFox operate?
BlueFox could potentially be used in all kind of waters. But it only makes sense when there are other people around. This for example could be in private pools, commercial (public) pools, waterparks, therapeutic baths, beaches, lakes, waterways, ponds etc.


Can BlueFox be reused after triggering an alarm?
Yes, it can. Simply buy an exchange alarm capsule and klick it into your BlueFox base of the  bracelet and it will be ready again.


Can I use the exchange alarm capsule without the bracelet?
No, this is not possible. The bracelet is especially designed for BlueFox and it operates with a sophisticated software and by a special trigger mechanism. The unit only works with both of these parts.




How does BlueFox recognize that somebody is drowning?
BlueFox is a high-tech micro-computer with a pressure sensor. The sensor constantly measures the depth and the computer starts counting the seconds the swimmer remains beneath the preset depth. Should he remain longer than this programmed time beneath this depth, the alarm balloon will be released so the people around recognise the emergency situation. 


Is BlueFox available in different colours?
Yes, the colours available are blue, grey, silver, gold-yellow, red.