For more fun and safety in the water!


Usually it happens silent and invisible: Drowning.
Every second counts and BlueFox ST1 helps and supports parents and lifeguards to recognize drowning accidents in time.

  • BlueFox ST1 gives an early alarm should somebody In case of emergency remain too long under water
  • This small micro wrist computer releases a balloon and triggers an alarmThe capsule with the balloon reaches the water surface and gives a loud acoustic alarm
  • Attendants and people around are warned  immediately and the rescue procedure can  start
  • The power LED will immediately start to flash. This allows a quick localization of the person in the water
  • Blue Fox ST1 switches on automatically
  • BlueFox ST1 useable in all kind of waters
  • BlueFox ST1 is suitable for every age group

How does BlueFox ST1 know when to release the alarm balloon?

In the above drawing the electronic bracelet BueFox ST1 is programmed for an adult swimmer with average swimming skills.

It allows the swimmer to dive 15 seconds deeper than 50 cm. Should the swimmer remain more than 15 seconds

below this depth, the software releases the balloon and alerts immediately.