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About us

Deep Blue AG was founded in 2000. Our development team has many years of experience within the underwater technology industry. During  2008, Deep Blue introduced the very first drowning prevention system: the Blue Fox Pool Safety System to the world. Since that day, we’ve invested into research and development, creating new, increasingly intelligent systems, to protect people when in the water.

Our mission… 

Deep Blue’s mission is to provide efficient, reliable, cutting-edge products and solutions so that having fun doesn’t turn into tragedy.

Drowning is silent and invisible. In a panic situation, it’s often  impossible to ask for help…

The WHO estimates that it is the third leading cause of involuntary death with more than 320,000 deaths per year worldwide.

Annual drowning deaths worldwide

Our products


We produce one of  the most reliable drowning prevention systems worldwide. Precise and reliable: They will protect you, your loved ones or your customers.
Lifeguards at many resorts, swimming pools and private beaches around the world are assisted daily by our safety systems.

Our products are divided into two main categories:


Do you want to feel safe and protect your loved ones while they swim in in the pool, at the seaside or at the waterpark?

Our BLUEFOX ST1 is the answer.


For operation managers of resorts, swimming pools, hotels, waterparks, rehabilitation clinics, etc… who want to bring an extra level of security to their facilities while protect their customers.